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Teaching Style Report

A critical ingredient in the classroom is a teacher’s understanding of how they seek to get needs met and the impact it can have on student experiences.

If a teacher seeks to only meet their own need in their approach to teaching, their students’ needs get frustrated causing them to shut down in the learning process. This 26-page report helps you to set the stage for your students to achieve their potential and maximize their while eliminating emotional acting out that gets in the way of classroom dynamics.

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Learning Style Report

Do you know what emotional needs must be met in you or your child in order for them to learn?

When student's needs are frustrated, you shift into self-protective or survival behaviors that block learning from happening. It does not matter what teaching method is used – when people/ students are afraid or anxious, they cannot learn. A report helps parents, students and educational facilitators to understand these psychological needs and how to get them met in a learning environment.

Price $25.00    Coming Soon

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