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GED /HiSet

Our certified tutors and educators have over 25 years of experience. Study at your own pace. Whether you prefer to study in person or remotely, we are here for you. One on One or small group classes offered. Affordable and totally private. Please call or email for details. 

English Language Courses

The U.S. workplace increasingly has more diverse with new immigrants who offer a valued, professional skill base for growing companies. However, the ability to communicate effectively in English can be a barrier for new English speakers. Employers can help non-native employees learn English in a number of ways that will not only provide a shared, mutual benefit but a greater understanding of language and culture.

who English language training have greater confidence and can maximize their professional skills, whether they are working internally or with clients. English language training also helps to reduce conflict and increase customer service.

We offer on-and off-site English language courses taught by certified ELL (English Language Learnings).