Striving For Success

Who are you meant to be?​

Parenting Style Report

How are you meant to parent?

You have a preferred way to parent based on your Striving Style. If you do not understand how you seek to get your needs met as a parent, your behaviors can negatively impact your effectiveness and the dynamics in your relationship with your children. A 24-page report gives you insight into your parenting style and how to become the parent you were meant to be.

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Child Style Report

If you are anxious about being a ‘good’ parent, you may be oblivious to what your

children actually needs.

Put Your Children in the Driver's Seat

The SSPS includes a children’s assessment and resources that have been specially crafted to speak to them in terms that they understand, and in language that is meaningful for them. Through the use of the system, you can work with parents to provide an understanding of their children’s emotional needs, as well as their learning needs. With the limits and burdens of our current educational systems, the SSPS will provide insight into the actions parents can take to proactively address or prevent learning challenges, to ensure their children’s educational and learning needs are being met, and to drastically reduce the likelihood of their children “falling through the cracks” by educational systems that fail to meet their children’s needs.

If you understand your children’s needs, you are able to give them an emotionally healthy childhood and the foundation to create a happy future. A 24-page report helps you to set the stage for your children to achieve their potential and pursue their own lives. It helps eliminate the emotional acting out that often gets in the way of healthy family dynamics. Truly the best gift you can give your children. 

Price $25.00   Coming Soon

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